Finally a workable solution to encrypt Dropbox files

Finally a workable solution to encrypt and secure Dropbox contents userspace filesyste encrypting filesystem that has clients available on Windows ( and your favourite Linux (

EncFS encrypts encrypts each file separately unlike TrueCrypt which uses an encrypted filesystem.  This means that DropBox will sync each file as it is operated on unlike containers which will only sync when the container is closed.   

I'm using it to share files between Windows 8.1 and Arch without a problem.  


encfs4win. This is an experimental project of porting encfs to the Windows world. Here you can find the Gitorious project. Currently based on. encfs 1.7.4; openssl 1.0.0e; Boost library 1.46.0; RLog 1.4; fuse4win · Dokan library 0.6. USE ONLY 0.6 version! The project is cross compiled with MingW ...

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