About me


I'm pretty easy to understand really.


I play volleyball, I enjoy photography, playing around with technology, beer, sharing groovy ideas and getting out and about.  I've been playing volleyball (most of the varieties) for the last 10-ish years.  Beach volleyball has taken up the majority of my time, as it's clearly the best.  Indoor volleyball is great "gateway" game, but there's no better way to test yourself against all the skills of the game, than  getting into the sand and covering an 8mx8m court with just one other person.


Photography is relatively new, picking up new tips and tricks from people I meet.  Marty Cantwell (of Warped Pixels) and Chris Munro (of RedHotShotz Photography) have shown me the ropes and given me some great opportunities.  I've even had a brief encounter with some of the boys and girls from Canon Australia, doing one of their Canon Collective nights, here in Brisbane. They're great events getting budding photographers together to share tips and tricks from the professionals.


I've had a love of computers since I was very young.  Dad got our first Apple ][ Europlus when I was about 10 years old.  As soon as I could, I was getting in there and learning how to write very simple programs and teaching myself everything that I could.  Since then, I've worked across many different platforms, but have found my place in the UNIX world, using open source software.


Science does some pretty super stuff for us.  It doesn't hold all of the answers ... yet.  But it's definitely working on it.  It is the greatest tool we have to better understand our world, our universe and our place in it.

New family

I've recently become a first-time father to a son, Saxon.  He's a little groover.  He certainly throws plenty of challenges our way, but he also brings us some of the best moments you can imagine.  I can't wait to see what kind of a man he grows up to be.  I just hope to give him enough tools, skills, knowledge and sense of humour to help him survive "out there".


Anyways, that's a quick intro to "me".